Maths Weekly Worksheet Program

LiveTutor Online is a simple, fun, intuitive online learning program for school aged children from Kindergarten to Year 12 that combines tutoring with easy to use technology.


Fully Automated Maths Worksheet

This has to be one of the most cost effective and user friendly ways to supplement your child’s Maths Learning.

For ONLY $9.95 per week you get the following :-

• Weekly Maths Worksheet comprising approximately 100 questions for your child’s year level

• Automatic marking of the worksheet with results sent to you on LiveTutor Parents App (iOs & android) which can be loaded onto your phone or tablet.

• Access to our online e-Learning Platform

• Online Diagnostic Tool to help you assess your child’s current level

• Unlimited access to the Speed Test function of the Program

• Preferential pricing on tutoring sessions - as and when your child may need these


If you sign up today, you will get the following for FREE :-

• Mid-Year Revision Pack – valued at $299

• A Free Tutoring Session – valued at $99.95

Add to this our state of the art “Parent App” which alerts you each time a new worksheet is delivered AND when your child has completed the worksheet and you have a combination which helps to make learning fun and supervision easy!

When you participate in the weekly worksheet program you will also enjoy preferential rates on specialised worksheet packs which are made available to you at key TIME such as mid-year revision, NAPLAN, Selective School Entrance Exam-time and year-end revision time.

As a user of the weekly worksheet program, you will also be able to access our Extended Tutoring Program which gives you access to three tutoring sessions for as little as $20 per session! 



One of the key features of our extended tutoring program is that we are able to customise sessions and exercises to match the specific needs of the student without being bound to the rigidity of classroom style learning.

For as long as you are using the weekly worksheet program, you will also have access to the “speed tests” on the members’ area of the platform to enable your child to utilise the age-old methodology of “drill and practice” to reinforce their learning.

You will also be given the opportunity to purchase tutoring sessions at premium members’ rates should your child need specific assistance at any time – they will also receive a “topic specific” worksheet at the end of each tutoring session so that the student can practice and reinforce the topic covered in the session.


Buy a single session or buy several to use whenever you want to – the more sessions you buy, the more cost effective this becomes.


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